Finding the best Twitter app

When I was still studying, I often used Twitter to communicate with my fTwitter_logo_whiteellow classmates. It was trending and it was still pretty much undiscovered among other teens around here. It was our little spot to be free and spontaneous, and it was pretty cool.

Right after I started working at my first job, I lost the time to tweet, leaving my account to be forgotten… Until now!

As I recently started blogging again, I felt the need to dig up my late Twitter account.

The problem: too many Twitter Apps in the Play Store.

I found that It would be a great start for this blog, to do a little review on the best apps to tweet I could find.

Hope you like it.

Twitter – Twitter, Inc.

Plume – UberMedia Inc.


Plume for Twitter- Review

2015-05-04 23.25.27NAME: Plume for Twitter

DEVELOPER: UberMedia Inc.

RATING: 4.0/5.0

First of all, right when you start the app, it feels like someone took the time to think about your needs. It presents a little tutorial on how to use some features, and the most important feature for Twitter apps is the “take me to the top”. It takes only 15 minutes of reading some tweets, to get so far, that the scroll-bar doesn’t seem to show anymore. This get’s you to the top in under a second, saving you from having to scroll through a numerous amount of tweets.

Right after the little tutorial, I realized the app came with a dark mode. Another point to the developers… Kudos!2015-05-04 23.26.56

Going through the copious amount of setting, I found this to be one of the most customizable application I’ve had in a while.

It not only let’s you choose the theme, but also has this feature to allow each person you’re following to have it’s own background color. It makes the app look more colorful. You can also choose the image hoster, if you want to use the volume buttons to scroll, and to update on launch.

It is known to be a bit of a problem for the battery consumption, but I guess I’ll only find that in a few days.

Twitter – Review

2015-05-04 22.58.58NAME: Twitter

DEVELOPER: Twitter, Inc

RATING: 4.1/5.0

If you try to find an app for Twitter, this is the first option on the Play Store. It is the first option, or the most popular, but it might not suit your needs.

It mimics the website. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table. At least, nothing I can see.

You can’t change the color scheme. In fact, all you can change is the font size. It doesn’t have a night mode, which means that if you’re anything like me and you like to check you tweets right before you go to sleep, you might want to turn down the brightness of your phone, or… You’ll go blind.

The feed is simple. You can see the images, and if you do a long press on a tweet,2015-05-04 23.00.35 you are presented with options like Share (either by Direct Message, or by the custom share menu on your device), Mute and Block.

Under each tweet you get to Reply, Retweet, or Favorite the tweet. Pretty simple.

Rummaging through the settings, you can disable Sound Effects, Image Previews, Location and Auto Sync, among other security setting.

As far as customization, basically, you can’t customize anything (except the font size).

It’s a great app if you use the Desktop version, but for a mobile platform, I have to say it lacks certain features that almost every other app has, like night mode…

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